Hello Tobago Islepreneurs: Don’t Waste Time On A Digital Marketing Strategy If You Have Not Done This First

Digital Marketing in Tobago can be a daunting task. Especially if you like more traditional forms of marketing like news, print, radio. As with anything though, how you start is crucial. And too many of us start our digital marketing journeys before we take this very important step.
So, what exactly should Tobago business owners do before you start your digital strategy? The short answer is determine a simple and clear why statement for your digital marketing strategy. One, which when asked ALWAYS tells you exactly what your next step should be. Need an example? Hello Tobago’s why statement is uncomplicated. When deciding on marketing strategies we ask – Do we want to be present, or competitive or dominant in the market? Read that 3 times so it can soak in. There is no business owner alive who will tell you they do not want to dominate their market. Why else do we bother getting into business. But the truth is while we all aiming for domination, our digital marketing strategy is a gradual process. And you have to take it one step at a time. So yes you might be looking to be dominant in your space but the journey of 100 miles must first begin with one step. And for sure your actions are not getting you any closer to taking step 1. 
How so? Read on let’s discuss.

But How Do I Dominate My Market Using A Digital Strategy?

First we need a simple definition of digital marketing strategy. Let’s say it is the process by which we get our ideal target market to become customers using the internet. So how is that affected when a Tobago brand is trying to be present, competitive or dominate in the market.
Be Present
If our digital marketing efforts is guided by a need to be present in the market it means all we are trying to do is let customers know that we are there. We need them to know what good or service we are offering. This is the bare minimum. Here we tend to use low cost or free marketing strategies. Examples are using your business page’s social media to talk about your brand and what you sell. Word of mouth marketing and Whatsapp groups to keep customers in the know.
Be Competitive
Here, we know our competitors have market share and we are trying to take it from them. We advertise on all the same platforms or all the same mediums that they are using. We know we can’t let them get too far ahead of us in their digital marketing strategy. Examples here are paying for advertising on social media. Buying traditional media ads. Whatever your competitor is using you are using it too.
Be Dominant
This word is as hardcore as it sounds. You aren’t simply using the free channels. You aren’t simply doing what your competitors are doing. Here you mean business and you are going above and beyond. If your competitor is buying 1 ad, you are buying 10. If your competitor has bought 3 months worth of digital ad space on Hello Tobago. You have sponsored the entire network. Only your ads run on that wifi every day, all day.
Most people have no idea what it takes to dominate in a market. To do so means your digital marketing strategy has to work 24/7 whether your business is open or closed. Whether you are sleeping or wake. Your digital marketing strategy is a hungry beast that feeds on the attention of your market. And that beast’s belly is never full. It needs constant feeding. Why? Because feeding the beast with the attention of your Tobago customers makes you more sales. And that, is how you dominate the market. You have to be everywhere, ever present in your market’s mind. Not just some one off random ad.  That’s like a single solitary drop in an ocean sized bucket of water.

This Sounds Like A Lot, Won’t My Tobago Audience Get Fed Up Of Me?

To the contrary and there are two reasons why.
1. People say no before they say yes.
Not because you have put your amazing product in front of your customer means they are ready to buy. In fact, human beings, whether they are from Tobago or elsewhere, tend to always say “No!” before that say “Yes!”.
Don’t believe me? I have two examples to share with you. Those of you fortunate enough to remember life in Tobago before fast food would know that every body laughed at the thought of a certain finger licking good outlet on the island. Why? “Because Tobagonians love to cook (or so they thought), they would never buy that,” was the refrain. FYI: There is about to be a 3rd of that very outlet in Tobago. And they are the tip of the iceberg. There are countless other fast food restaurants setting up shop here almost monthly.
Not compelling enough? Think about the days before cell phones. What did you say to yourself? Why do I need a cell phone? And I have a perfectly good land line at home? I will NEVER get a cell phone. You’re probably reading this on a cell phone right now aren’t you?
The truth of it is that at one time or another we all fear change. So even if our products could revolutionize your customer’s life. Even if it gift wrapped the sun, moon and stars and presented it to them. Their aversion to newness will keep them from buying it. Remember resistance to trying new is what kept early humans safe from harm. And it is what continues to keep present day humans from trying new goods and services. So you’re either going to either have to do one of two things. Offer a well made product that so exceeds expectations your customer will chew her own arm off and give it to you to get it. Or, you inundate her with your marketing message.
And the other reason…
2. It doesn’t take 7 times of being exposed to your brand before people make a buying decision.
Newsflash: It’s more like 15-21 times. And even then the numbers are still sketchy.
There is an old adage that says we need to hear something 7 times before buying but that is actually not even close. You see, a little thing called life gets in the way of people hearing your message.
If you are someone who doesn’t watch television like me for sure none of those 7 times is going to get to me from there. Same holds true for radio. I can count the number of times I have listened to the radio in the past month. Maybe social media, maybe a billboard, maybe…, maybe…, maybe. Your customer’s life gets in the way when you are trying your hardest to tell them something. This is true for Tobagonians too.  They aren’t standing still. So to make sure you get through. To give yourself the likeliest chance of dominating the market. Your message needs to be heard and seen everywhere.

Where Are You On The Present, Competitive or Dominant Scale?

There you have it. The one important thing (or question) every Tobago business needs to do (or ask) before embarking on their digital marketing strategy.
How are you trying to position yourself in your market in Tobago? Are you new to the market and are trying to say, “Hello, I’m here.” Or have you assessed your competition and are ready to go head to head?
Or, have you already trounced your competition and now are looking to secure brand legacy?
Present, compete, dominate?  Ask yourself this question.  Answer honestly.  Look at the budget you have assigned for digital marketing to decide if you can achieve it with the money you have available.  If you cannot it means you have to go down on the scale.  For example, if you answered and said we are trying to compete but when you look at the money you realize need to go down to present and try your best to do that until the return on investment is enough to finance you going up in scale. 
No matter your focus, Hello Tobago can create a package to fit your strategy. Send us an email at Hello@HelloTobago.com to get you on your way to dominating your market.

Related Questions

How Can Hello Tobago help me dominate my market? The easiest way is to take advantage of Hello Tobago’s open wifi network sponsorship program. Hello Tobago has an exclusive sponsorship offer for brands serious about amplifying their message. This offer allows a brand to sponsor an open wifi network in a high traffic location. For example if your brand’s name is Acme Supermarket this sponsorship deal names the open wifi network after your brand. Users will see your branding when they access the wifi. Additionally, your ads will be the only ads viewed when users log on. The open wifi network will be wholly and solely branded by you but powered by Hello Tobago. We will undertake the day to day running and maintenance of the network. Ready to kick your market domination strategy into high gear as soon as tomorrow? Contact with us right now. Your competition is reading this too and will capitalize on this because you’re afraid to try something new. That number is (868) 722 -3208.
How can I make the most of free or owned digital marketing avenues to be present in the market? It is still possible to make a mark even when your goal is to be present in the market. Here are a few ways. 1. Posting consistent, valuable and relevant information on your social media platforms. Preferably content your audience has already shown they like on your competitor’s page. 2. Staking online real estate by having as professional a website as you can afford. It should have a blog that you can post to with some frequency (daily, weekly, monthly). 3. Buying low cost ad space on Hello Tobago’s open wifi network. With prices starting at TT$150/month and access to almost 5000 monthly users, it is easy to get started. Send an email to Hello@HelloTobago.com to send your flyer and be up and running ass soon as tomorrow.

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