10 (FREE) Tobago-based marketing strategies to help drown Isle-preneurs in blue notes

It occurred to me the other day that Isle-preneurs are under daily threat of going out of business.

As Tobago evolves, competition gets fiercer.  Every day a new business enters the marketplace leaving Isle-preneurs dejected and unfocused in their marketing efforts.

I thought it would be helpful to compile a resources list.

These are 10 FREE marketing strategies available to Isle-preneurs in Tobago in 2019 and are robust enough to take you through to 2020.

In short the answer is take comprehensive advantage of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and WhatsApp.  Position yourself as a leader using traditional media outlets such as print newspaper, television and radio.  And take advantage of the paid advertising on these platforms as well.  However, bear in mind that you need somewhere to drive this traffic to a place that helps you build and engage your community as often as possible.  Also explored is the best way to take advantage of these free – and paid – resources so they get you results.

I’ve taken the liberty of breaking down these free strategies by age group to make it easier for you to figure out where your business can do the most damage.

For many of these to get you drowning in money, you need to have a place outside of social media where you can communicate with and grow your tribe.  And make them offers.

This is important for 3 reasons:

1. Realize that social media is someone else’s platform.  Not ours.  So if it shuts down tomorrow where will your business be?

2. Even when your content is bomb dot com, social media does not show 100% of your posts to 100% of your audience so you may have a person who buys from you all the time but yet they never see all of your posts.  How are you going to outsmart the algorithm?

3. Once you’ve built up all that excitement and energy with your audience with your appetite wetting posts, where exactly will your customers be getting naked?  They can’t very well do that in public i.e. on social media.  So where you gonna send them fam?

Just some things to bear in mind.

Ok enough of the blabbering build up this morning. Here are the goods straight… no chaser.

Drink up!

Here are 10 FREE marketing strategies to help Isle-preneurs get more customers naked and drown you in money​:

Marketing to Tobagonians over 45?

  1. Create a Facebook page with an accompanying Facebook group.  Deliver tons of free value and drive the traffic to a private place where you can engage them and facilitate sales.
  2. Get yourself booked on Radio Tambrin’s morning show. The key to this strategy is coming across like a leader in your industry.  Not an expert.  Experts can be intimidating know-it-alls that don’t get people comfortable.  Leaders on the other hand are charismatic.  People follow leaders.  And what’s the number 1 thing we know about people?  We know that people buy from people.
  3. Get yourself booked on Tobago Channel 5’s Rise & Shine show.  The same goes for this option as well.
  4. Issue a press release in Tobago Newsday.  Press releases are a low cost way to build a relationship with the press.  Print media houses are more likely to print your press release if it makes their newspaper look good.  An engaging press release does 3 things:
    1. The press release must present the problem your business solves as a statistic.  E.g. 1 in 3 Tobago businesses will go out of business this year because they have no clue how to consistently amass attention for their business without spending ridiculous amounts of money.
    2. Give 3 of your best action steps or tips for solving this problem.
    3. The press release headline must tease the reader so they HAVE to read the full thing.
  5. PAID: Run consistent, targeted ads on Facebook, Radio Tambrin, Tobago Channel 5 and Tobago Newsday to drive traffic to a place where you can talk to and build you community off of social media.

Marketing to Tobagonians 25-44?

  1. Create an Instagram Business Page with a link to join your off-social media community.  Use as many (read: ALL) of the IG features as often as possible.  From IGtv, to IG Live, to IG Stories, to Hashtags, to Highlights…EVERYTHING!  And do lots of collabs with other pages using Joint IG Lives and IG Takeovers.  Hello Tobago’s webinar IG Takeover Blueprint will give you the step by step on how to make this happen successfully even if you hate asking other people to work together.
  2. Create a hyper-focused WhatsApp Group.  If you are trying to sell bundles, ONLY share hair tutorials etc in that group.  Nothing else.
  3. Create a YouTube channel that puts your business at the intersection of 3 trending topics or key phrases.  Let’s say you are selling swimwear.  Your YouTube channel (and brand) could be curvy girl swimwear for body positive dark skin girls.  You see how targeted that is but yet it speaks to almost every one in Tobago?  The key phrases there are: curvy girl, body positive and dark skinned girls. HelloTobago Tip: Make sure your first YouTube video is at least 30 minutes long.
  4. Get yourself booked as a guest on a Pulse 89.5fm talk show.  The same advice here as for the talk shows.  Position yourself as the leader in the local industry over just an expert.
  5. PAID: Run consistent, targeted ads on Instagram, YouTube, and Pulse 98.5FM, and sell to your WhatsApp group every day (<– Sure they’re gonna love that! – why yes, this is sarcasm)

Marketing to Tobagonians between 11-24?

  1. If you have a physical product create a TikTok channel that ALWAYS has the physical product in a video of you or your staff lip-synching to contemporary songs.
  2. If you are selling a service, create a TikTok channel that sets video testimonials of people who have used your product to contemporary songs. Also research the hashtags in your space to see what is currently working and identify a gap that would work in the Tobago market.
  3. PAID: Offer to sponsor a high school newspaper in exchange for free ad space.  Of course you would have to approach the principals of the schools to present a proposal that gives major benefit to the school.  Don’t go into it thinking 50/50.  All of us humans are inherently selfish and we will go for deals that are the best benefit.  If you are able to give up 70% and be comfortable with 30, do it.  Because it is 30% of money you didn’t have at all before.

Hello Tobago Tip:The secret to winning on TikTok is realizing that you don’t have to be the best, you just have to be first and most consistent.  Li-synching to popular movie scenes especially ones that relate to your product may also prove popular.

So there you have it.

The free Tobago marketing strategies working in 2019 but are robust enough to take you through to 2020.

You’ll notice I didn’t say billboards or anything like that.


My personal preference is for trackable – and quite frankly more intimate – methods of marketing.

Besides the cost, the other prohibitive thing about billboards is that you cannot tell who has seen it and who hasn’t.

Added to that, the traffic you would get from a billboard is ice cold.  Ain’t nobody gonna be getting naked with you from just one billboard especially if the first time they have ever seen your company is on a billboard.

There is actually only one way I would use a billboard in Tobago.

But I’ll save that for another email.

Some of these resources are ridiculously expensive.

Some are dirt cheap (ok, ok, FREE).

But… as usual what you don’t pay in price you will have to pay for with time.

So have at it.

Let us know how your Tobago marketing efforts go.


Ooopsies.  I forgot something.  How silly of me.

There is one other marketing option in Tobago.

Of everything listed it would be the most efficient use of a busy business owner’s time.

In terms of cost, it delivers on significant value for money.

And best of all, you can track it AND buy in increments of 30 days.

It’s the best value for driving traffic to your social media page, increasing followers and getting you to the drowning in money part.

How you get them naked once they get to your page is all up to you.

Here’s the link:



​This email contains the type of valuable information that most business owners are probably looking for right now.  A comprehensive tool with the free – and paid – marketing opportunities in Tobago and how best to take advantage of them.

Every day business owners struggle with how to amass attention for their business.

Running a business requires so much time and effort that getting your name out there is sometimes to last thing most Isle-preneurs even think about.

I’d like to ask that you share this email with a fellow Isle-preneur.  Let them know there are resources out here to help them.

Thank you for continuing to support island businesses.